Investment Activities

INCJ is an investment company founded under the relevant laws. Laws and regulations require profitability, social significance, and innovation from investment targets. Innovation Network Committee, established within INCJ under the relevant laws and regulations, makes the investment decisions. As a rule, INCJ invests in the target company, acquires its shares, increases enterprise value in collaboration with the target company, then sells the shares to recoup the investment after a certain period of time.

These investment activities are conducted in accordance with a clearly defined investment strategy aimed at fulfilling the mission to increase national wealth for future generations through open innovation across industries and organizations. INCJ's investment activities involve the following four processes.

Investment Activities

In sourcing deals, there are cases where companies seek out investments from us, and others where financial institutions introduce potential investments to us. We also sometimes create investment projects by discussing with parties involved in corporate management.

Throughout these processes, INCJ always sources investments cautiously, and in light of the investment impact.

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