Executive Management

Chairman and CEO Toshiyuki Shiga
President and COO Mikihide Katsumata
Member of the Board Shigeyuki Tsuchida
Member of the Board Tetsuro Toyoda
Member of the Board Michio Saito
Member of the Board Takuya Fukumoto
Executive Managing Director Koichi Ashida
Executive Managing Director Nobuyuki Nakano
Executive Managing Director Nobuyuki Higashi
External Director Akio Mimura
External Director Hideko Kunii
External Director Hajime Tanahashi
External Director Tetsuichiro Muto
External Director Takashi Muraoka
Corporate Auditor Hideo Takaura

Innovation Network Committee

The Innovation Network Committee is an internal organization established in order to make objective and neutral decisions regarding the investment projects to be conducted by INCJ, Ltd. Because INCJ, Ltd. is managed under the similar framework based on the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act, the Committee is composed of INCJ representative directors and external directors. The corporate auditor also attends meetings of the Committee.

Innovation Network Committee Chairman

Akio Mimura

Prior Experience 1963 Began employment with Fuji Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
2000 Managing Director of Nippon Steel Corp
2003 President of Nippon Steel Corp.
2008 Chairperson of Nippon Steel Corp.
Director, Member of the Board and Senior Advisor of NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION
2013- Senior Advisor, Honorary Chairperson of NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION (current name: Nippon Steel Corporation)
2005-2009 Vice-Chairperson of Nippon Keidanren
2013- Chairperson of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chairperson of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Education 1963 Graduated Tokyo University Economics Dept., Economics Faculty
1972 MBA at Harvard University

Innovation Network Committee Deputy Chairman

Hideko Kunii

Prior Experience 1979-1985 President of an American software venture company
1985-2002 Director of Software Institute at Ricoh Company, Ltd.
1989-1995 Head of Software Operations Division at Ricoh Company, Ltd.
2002-2008 General Manager of Software R&D Headquarters at Ricoh Company, Ltd.
2002-2004 Chairperson of Ricoh Software Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2005-2008 Corporate Senior Vice President of Ricoh Company, Ltd.
2008-2013 Chairperson and Operating Officer at Ricoh Software (current name: Ricoh IT Solutions Co., Ltd.)
2013-Present Deputy President, Professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering Management
Education 1973 Masters in Physics at Ochanomizu University
1976 Masters in Electrical Engineering at San Jose State University
1983 PhD at The University of Texas at Austin

Innovation Network Committee Member

Hajime Tanahashi

Prior Experience 1992 Admitted to the Bar in Japan. Joined law firm Mori Sogo.
1996 Worked in the U.S., New York, with Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP.
1997 Admitted to the New York Bar. Pursued legal work on venture enterprises in Palo Alto, California, with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.
2005-Present Part-time Lecturer at Waseda Law School
2007-2016 Part-time Lecturer at Kyoto University Law School
1998-Present Responsible for mergers and acquisitions, investment questions and IPOs of Japanese and foreign companies. Currently a partner at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
Education 1990 Graduated Tokyo University Law Dept.
1996 Graduated Harvard University Law School

Tetsuichiro Muto

Prior Experience 1981 Head of Surgery at Omori Red Cross Hospital
1982 Assistant Professor, First Department of Surgery at Tokyo University
1991 Professor, First Department of Surgery at Tokyo University
1993 Director of Tokyo University Branch Hospital
1996 Tokyo University Medical Faculty Professor, Organ Transplantation Service
1999 Vice-Director of The Cancer Institute Hospital of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research (JFCR) Tokyo University Medical Department Professor Emeritus
2002 Director of The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR
2005 Director of Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR in Ariake (transfer)
2008 Medical Director, Hospital Director Emeritus
2013 Medical Director, Hospital Director Emeritus of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
2019-Present Hospital Director Emeritus of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
Education 1968 MD in Clinical Medicine at Tokyo University Graduate School of Medicine

Takashi Muraoka

Prior Experience 1989-2000 Sanwa Bank (currently The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.)
2000-2003 Morgan Stanley
2003-2005 Managing Director at Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan
2007-2011 Managing Director at Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. Organ Transplantation Service
2013-2016 Counselor at Financial Service Agency
2016 Managing Partner at Industrial Growth Platform, Inc.
Education 1989 Graduated Tokyo University, Faculty of Agriculture
1994 MBA at UCLA

Statutory Auditor

Hideo Takaura

Prior Experience 1974 Price Waterhouse Japan Firm (In 1983 formed as Aoyama Audit Corporation)
1979-1982 Price Waterhouse Australia
1987 Admitted to Price Waterhouse Japan Firm/Aoyama Audit Corporation
CEO of Price Waterhouse Japan Firm/Aoyama Audit Corporation
2000 Merged with Chuo Audit Corporation, Vice Chairman of ChuoAoyama Audit Corporation
2006-2009 Admitted to PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata, Chief Executive Officer
Education 1972 Graduated Osaka City University, Commerce
1977 Registered as Japanese CPA (No. 5942)
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