Organizational Structure

A simple, flat organizational structure

INCJ employs a simple and flat organizational structure in order to expedite the decision-making process. Our business organization is structured into 3 groups; Investment Group, Venture Growth Investment Group and Value Enhancement Group. Together, they provide comprehensive support from business consolidation and venture investment to following portfolio companies post investment.

A highly experienced team

Our team members have a wealth of experience and expertise acquired mainly in private sector such as private equity funds, venture capital, consulting firms, trading companies, manufacturers, and research institutes.

Innovation Network Committee

All investment decisions made by INCJ, Ltd. are determined at the board of directors' meeting after the completion of an advisory process by Innovation Network Committee.

Operations related to the Compliance department, internal auditing department, Corporate Planning, Business Management and Human Capital Management are outsourced to JIC.

Corporate Governance


  • Compliance with the legal framework (Companies Act, Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act )
  • Strict compliance system

Private-sector regulations

  • Regulations by external directors
  • Accountability to private-sector shareholders

Involvement of the government

    All shares of INCJ, Ltd. are owned by JIC, and as before enforcement of the Act of Partial Revision of the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act, INCJ, Ltd. operates under the similar framework of the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act with the conditions of the company split approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI).

  • Statements of opinion by the government on individual projects
  • Authorization from the government for annual budget, approval from the directors, corporate auditor, Innovation Network Committee
  • Annual business assessment by the government
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