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Expanding collaboration to support open innovation

Our investments alone are insufficient to drive the transformation of the industrial structure, to nurture next-generation industries and new companies, or to bring about next-generation industries through existing corporate innovations. This requires close collaboration with many companies and human resources, both in Japan and overseas.

To achieve this goal, regardless of whether INCJ makes an investment or not, we have to partner extensively with external human resources and organizations, and to identify know-how and human resources in the private sector.

The expansion of such a network will contribute toward an environment that encourages continuous industrial innovations by implementing open innovation, recruiting human resources necessary for commercialization, and developing healthy corporate finance on a broader level, even if INCJ is not directly involved in the investments.In addition, INCJ, Ltd. will continue the cooperative relationships built by Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) with external organizations and other public-private funds.

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