Toshiyuki Shiga Chairman and CEO Member of the Board

Creating new competitive advantages with open innovation

With a new industrial revolution rushing toward us, my ambition is to take advantage of this movement so as to revitalize the competitiveness of Japanese industries. We can no longer wait for the transformation of the industry. We must press forward with a business overhaul of the industry as a whole, by carving out non-core businesses, by consolidating and integrating, and by making effective use of overseas M&As. Meanwhile, I mean to aim at bringing new competitive advantages to the whole industry through open innovation by fostering academic seeds and latent technology in companies, and by actively supporting start-up companies with new business models. INCJ intends to play a key important role in these initiatives.

Prior Experience

April.1976 Joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
April.2000 Senior Vice President in charge of Overseas Sales Division No.1 (Asia, China, Oceania, Central and South America)
April.2002 Senior Vice President in charge of General Overseas Market (GOM) Sales and Marketing Division
April.2003 Senior Vice President
Member of Executive Committee
Chairman of Management Committee GOM
April.2005 Chief Operating Officer
June.2005 Representative Director, Chief Operating Officer
Nov.2013 Representative Director, Vice Chairman
June.2015 Member of the Board of Directors, Vice Chairman
June.2015- Chairman and CEO Member of the Board at Innovation Network Corporation of Japan
June 2017- Member of the Board at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd
2014- Vice Chairman of the Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives)


Mar.1976 Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, OSAKA Prefecture University
Mikihide Katsumata President and COO Member of the Board

Driving toward a global industry consolidation and the creation of a venture ecosystem

In order to regain and further enhance competitiveness of Japanese industries, we intend to strengthen and promote conventional industrial consolidation and integration support based on a renewed approach. INCJ will also go beyond domestic consolidation and integration: we will work toward an industrial consolidation on a global scale, by bringing in rapidly growing emerging countries through open innovations and collaborating with overseas partners. Moreover, from the perspective of revitalizing Japanese industries, INCJ will make further efforts to identify start-up companies that could become a platform to underpin the emerging Industry 4.0, accelerate investment development and growth, and foster entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to support that ecosystem.

Prior Experience

April.1983 Joined Mizuho Corporate Bank, formerly known as The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited
Aug.1999 Joined Merrill Lynch Japan Securities / Global Principal Investments, Director
April.2002 Founded Nippon Mirai Capital Co., Ltd. / Partner & Chief Financial Officer
April.2007 Founded New Frontier Capital Management Co., Ltd. / President and CEO
June.2010 President and CEO at Mobile Internet Capital, Inc.
April.2015 Senior Executive Managing Director at Innovation Network Corporation of Japan
June.2015- President and COO Member of the Board


Mar.1983 BA in International Affairs at University of Tokyo, College of Liberal Arts
May.1987 Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, USA
Aug.2012 Stanford Executive Program, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, USA
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